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Our tuckpointing company Hoffman Estates offers a capable team of expert contractors that is constantly moving forward with updated certifications and skills. So we can offer even the most complex flat roof repair in Hoffman Estates and tuckpointing services.

Unmatched Experience with Tuckpointing Hoffman Estates and More

When it’s time for masonry work, including tuckpointing Hoffman Estates, we are highly-trained, exceptionally skilled, and very experienced. Our specialized skills can handle a wide range of tuckpointing projects.

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of Delighted Customers

Our team is proud of the quality of work provided, and our customers love the difference we make. For flat roof repair and tuckpointing Hoffman Estates, we always do right by our customers.    


A Competitive Tuckpointing
And Flat Roof Repair Hoffman Estates IL

A Competitive Inc, with our professional team led by Lindle and Ernie, is the leading flat roof repair and tuckpointing company in Hoffman Estates IL.  Our vast knowledge, acquired through years of experience, allow us to assist you in the maintenance of your masonry by way of attractive, seamless tuckpointing and dependable flat roof work.  When your stonework or brick begins to show signs of wear and age, our expert team will perform professional tuckpointing that meshes seamlessly with your masonry’s original colors, breathing life into your business or home aesthetically and simultaneously reinforcing the structural integrity of your property.  Customer satisfaction is our number one priority as a dependable, Veteran-owned business.  No job is too big or too small, we always give it our all. Additionally, we are experts in flat roof repair Hoffman Estates IL and will provide the best recommendations for your flat roof to look and function at its very best.  Before we begin, we meticulously inspect your masonry structure then evaluate which of your flat roof’s elements require repair and restoration, saving you both money and time for your project.  Inquire about an inspection now.

Our Main Services

Tuckpointing Hoffman Estates IL

We offer seamless tuckpointing Hoffman Estates IL that is durable and long-lasting, with attractive and functional results that will support your structure for many years.

Flat Roofing Hoffman Estates

Commercial roofing Hoffman Estates requires a unique set of skills and experience that you can only find in highly qualified flat roofers as we have on our team. You can count on our commercial roofing contractors Hoffman Estates to give you the flat roof repair you need fast.

What Our Clients Said About Flat Roof Repair Service
In Hoffman Estates IL

Susan McAlan
Our brick home was looking a bit old and worn. Lindle and Ernie came to inspect and determined we did not need to rebuild but provided tuckpointing Hoffman Estates IL. It looks spectacular and should last for quite some time.
Michael Thomas
My flat roof had seen better days and winter was approaching. The mortar was crumbling in some spots but still strong in others. Flat roof Repair & Tuckpointing Inc. provided tuckpointing Hoffman Estates IL and got us back into tip top shape.
Julian Kenneth
The smoke did not seem to be exiting our flat roof as it should. We called those guys to help us. We hired them to take care of our flat roof repair Hoffman Estates IL. They were friendly and fast.

What Masonry & Tuckponting Services
Can You Expect From A Competitive
Flat Roof Repair Hoffman Estates IL Company ?

Masonry Repair

We provide masonry repair when you discover some missing bricks, minor mortar cracking, or any other problems with your masonry-built building. We are skilled at patching up damaged sections leaving your structure sturdy and strong as well as looking fantastic.

Loose Bricks Replacing

If your business or home has loose bricks, it looks unattractive and can also represent structural integrity issues. Our masonry contractors can replace any loos or missing bricks, preventing you from larger scale problems in the future.


Tuckpointing Hoffman Estates IL is a crucial element towards the maintenance of your home. We remove the old mortar and replace it with fresh mortar matching the original color, sso we maintain your building looking new and strengthening its structure at the same time.

Masonry Restoration

Unfortunately, sometimes it is too late to perform masonry repair and tuckpointing Hoffman Estates IL. Our tuckpointing company Hoffman Estates IL contractors are experts in their craft and will help ensure your damaged masonry structure is restored to perfection.


The main supports for the openings of your masonry structure are called lintels. Their maintenance is essential in holding together your masonry structure. We will repair or replace your damaged, old lintels in order to ensure the structural integrity of your structure for many years to come.

Windows Caulking

As window seals begin to disintegrate, cool air and moisture are able to enter your home, causing your water bill to increase and possibly resulting in water damage or mold. We provide window caulking, offering a fresh watertight seal, which ensures a healthy, comfortable environment.

Power Washing

In some moments, even though your masonry structure may look old and shabby, it may simply need some deep cleaning. Competitive provides a power washing service, utilizing high pressure hot water to properly remove dirt and grime, leaving your masonry structure looking brand new.

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What do you need to know about Tuckpointing Hoffman Estates

tuckpointing Hoffman Estates IL

When it comes to construction, bricks are the commonly used material for your commercial, residential, or industrial properties. A simple masonry repair is not enough for your tuckpointing Hoffman Estates needs, so you need masonry contractors specializing in tuckpointing services in the Hoffman Estates area.

Our experts at tuckpointing Hoffman Estates will take care of your bricks and will provide them with a completely new look as well as a fully waterproof seal for your building. The entire tuckpointing process will remove all the mortar joints that have deteriorated over time and replace them with new mortar that closely matches your existing brickwork. Then, a thin line of contrasting color putty or fillet will be carefully inserted along the center of every new mortar joint.

Trust our tuckpointing company Hoffman Estates to provide you with a new and refined look that you can trust to keep your structure secure at the same time.